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The Power of Forgiving
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Life can sometimes deal us some heavy blows.
And the repercussions can lead us to carry a heavy burden through life.

Each of us carries emotional hooks from our past—
anger, hurt, resentment, bitterness, betrayal—that hinder our growth.

But recognizing these hooks and liberating ourselves from their grip opens up a new path to living.

We invite you to join our
free weekly Experience Forgiveness Circle. 

The Circle is truly an experience, a touch on, Forgiveness.  We delve into the depths of it in
The Power Of Forgiving Retreat.  

We invite you to join our free weekly Experience Forgiveness Circle.

What would your life be like, look like, and feel like
with more Forgiveness in your life?
Imagine the transformation that awaits you when you embrace Forgiveness.

Picture a future filled with harmony, peace and a profound sense of release.

We’ll be exploring, coaching, have guided visualizations and meditations, and heartfelt sharing with like-minded individuals who have chosen this beautiful journey to seek forgiveness – whether it’s for those who have wronged them, or for themselves.

This will be a special time to share together every week.

For us as well as you.

It takes courage to take this step, but if you’re ready for a different you and way of being, we extend our love and welcome to you!

We will Love having you!

In these circles, expect moments of laughter and tears as we delve into the depths of Forgiveness and all that surrounds it.

Together, we will create a safe, judgment-free, inclusive and nurturing environment.

The Experience Forgiveness Circle Call
will take place every Sunday evening
at 7pm EST (New York) for 45 minutes.

Please invite your friends that you think this might touch!!!
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If you are struggling with forgiveness and burdened by anger, bitterness and resentment and can’t let it go…. Or maybe would like something deeper than participating in a group meeting… I invite you to click this button to schedule a free call with me. Let’s talk about it.

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