The Power of Forgiving

~ let go and find freedom from within ~

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Experience Forgiveness Circle!
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We are so excited to spend Sunday evening circles exploring, coaching, having guided visualizations and meditations, and heartfelt sharing with you. And congratulations on taking this big and courageous step to choose a life of freedom and without burden.

We’ll have a chance to explore who or what you choose to forgive, or if you’re struggling to forgive. After all, if it was easy, we’d all be doing it without hesitation, right?

Or maybe you just want to be with others that are choosing forgiveness in their lives.

Get ready to let go, feel free, feel relief, and feel more peace.

We will Love having you with us!

In these circles, expect moments of laughter and tears
as we delve into the depths of Forgiveness and all that surrounds it.

This circle is a safe, judgment-free, inclusive and nurturing environment so we encourage you to come with an open heart and mind.

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The Experience Forgiveness Circle Call will take place every Sunday evening
at 7pm EST (New York) for 45 minutes.

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Meeting ID: 860 3948 9298
Passcode: Forgive

Please invite friends you think need this in their life.
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With huge love and welcome,
Victoria Lichtman

PS If you are struggling with forgiveness and burdened by anger, bitterness and resentment and can’t let it go…. Or maybe would like something deeper than participating in a group meeting… I invite you to click this button to schedule a free call with me.
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