The Power of Forgiving Online Retreat

with Victoria Lichtman

Sunday, November 5, 2023
10 AM to 6 PM Eastern Standard Time
$149.00   $97.00

Are you holding on so tightly to the past that you can’t embrace your future?

Discover the extraordinary healing power of forgiving.

Forgiveness is a word spoken often in healing modalities.
But what is it really? And how does it work?

And what can forgiveness give you? How can it make your life better?

  • The choice to forgive brings what can be radical transformation in your life… from health, mental clarity, better communication with more connected and open relationships and so much more.
  • It allows you to let go and be free of the burdens, the weight of the past… leaving room for more happiness and joy.
  • Forgiveness can, and does, make you feel lighter, more positive about life… Giving you more vitality and improving your energy levels.
  • It can help with stress, anxiety, mood, depression. It can even help encourage your body to physically heal.
  • Forgiveness can give you a new future.

As Nelson Mandela said:
Holding onto resentment is like drinking poison and expecting your enemy to die.

It is time to stop drinking that poison.
It is time to find a way to forgive.

Anger, bitterness and resentment are strong emotions that we experience when someone has hurt, injured, abused or traumatized us or someone close to us.  The last thing we consider is forgiving those who caused our traumas and pain.

Instead, we judge the perpetrators and cling to our ‘justifiable’ emotional reactions. We create stories of blame, as if they will somehow protect us from further harm and punish those who have hurt us.

What if forgiveness were not about ‘them’, but all about you?
And so importantly…
What if lack of forgiveness was negatively impacting almost every aspect of your present life?
And had the power to undermine your future, too?

But the deeper truth is that we are punishing ourselves.

When we hang onto our judgements and blame and the emotions they perpetuate, we create a ‘toxic soup’ in our bodies, an inner world that corrodes almost every aspect of our life, from our health to our relationships to our ultimate joy and wellbeing. When we choose to forgive, our whole life begins to transform.

  • This does not mean you need to condone abusive behavior, or invite it into your life ever again.
  • It does not mean that you need to forget what has happened in the past.
  • What it does mean is that to be truly happy and emotionally healthy right now it is important to find a way to forgive the essence… the soul… of those who have done you wrong. Including yourself.
  • And to be truly at peace, deeply fulfilled, it is essential to discover and begin living from your divine essence, your infinite potential, your real Self.

Yet we are not taught how to forgive.
No one gives us a method.
And that means we need some help. We need to learn some practical tools.

Which is why The Power of Forgiving Retreat is here to support you in radically transforming the quality of your life.

Let’s get a bit clearer:

When you hold onto old hurts and resentments, normally you…

  • Feel like the issue is permanent, like you’ll never get over it and just have to live with it.
  • Feel self-justified in your judgements and resentments, even though they trigger and perpetuate a sense of anger or outrage inside you.
  • Are often aware of your negative feelings towards those who have hurt you – sometimes feeling consumed by those negativities, sometimes managing to push them to the background of your life.
  • Feel secretly scared that if you let go of your resentments it will somehow make you more vulnerable to future pain or, maybe worse, that it will let the perpetrator off the hook for their words and deeds.
  • Wonder why you still suffer – mentally, emotionally and physically – when the perpetrator seems to just sail ahead unaffected in their life.

But when you make the conscious choice to forgive, something powerful happens…

  • Although you cannot change what happened in the past, you discover you can change the way you think, feel and react to what happened.
  • Past pains soften, they lose their grip on you, negativities start to fall away – you begin to feel more positive and create room for a fuller, richer life.
  • You feel lighter, freer, more flexible and able to make healthier decisions moving forward.
  • The toxicity of old resentments and judgements that were inside you begins to clear and purify – you feel changes at a fundamental, cellular level.
  • The result is improvement in virtually every area of your life experience: better health; improved energy and stamina; more open, connected and loving relationships; improved mental clarity; greater peace of mind; enhanced work and career capability and performance… and more.

Let forgiveness come in.  Discover how to let go.  
Make room for all that life can be.

During this amazing day, we’ll share everything you need to know to help you move forward with forgiveness in your heart. You will experience deep insights, inner reflection, intimate sacred sharing, healing introspections, guided visualizations and meditations. You will also experience being deeply present with yourself and others…  as well as with the Divine, the Universe, God (or whatever you might call the infinite powers beyond our understanding). 

At The Power of Forgiving Retreat, you’ll:

  1. Discover what forgiveness truly is, what it means to you and your life.
    So you can choose the path of possibility, freedom… and peace.
  2. Explore cultural, religious and familial conditioning around forgiveness and how that has negatively impacted your thoughts, beliefs and actions.
    Expose beliefs you have bought into that keep you stuck.  Once you discover and release the conditioning you have received from others, you can choose your own healthy and supportive beliefs and actions.  You can break old patterns for good.
  3. Explore the unforgivable in your life experience.
    We know this can be a very difficult topic.  It can include the unthinkable and the unforgettable.  It is anything you bring to our day together that seems essentially unpardonable to you.  We’ll find a way to come to peace with all of it.
  4. Understand why you push forgiveness away.
    We push forgiveness away because of fear of letting go.  But holding onto resentment, anger, bitterness, or the need to punish, does not allow you to move forward.  When we recognize the cost of holding on, then face and clear our fears… we discover that forgiveness comes naturally, almost automatically.
  5. Fully understand the cost of not forgiving.
    Explore how not forgiving is hurting you and those you love in your life.  This seminar can be the turning point in your whole life journey.  It is a chance to choose something radically different, massively liberating for yourself… lasting for the rest of your life.
  6. Learn how to ask for and receive the approval and permissions you need from others, from God, from Life, from yourself… to be able to fully forgive.
    You’ll ultimately empower yourself to make more supportive personal choices freely and confidently.
  7. Discover the power of self-forgiveness.
    Sometimes, what it really comes down to is self-forgiveness, for the wrongs you have committed and the mistakes you have made in the past – the roles you have played and the hurts you have caused others and yourself. This radical act of compassion alone is profoundly healing and will bring tremendous peace.

For years, I used the word forgiveness, kidded myself that I forgave.  But I had not completely forgiven.  I just did not know how.  Till I finally got it.  It took years for me to ‘get’ how to forgive someone else and after a lifetime of self-hatred and self-judgement, it took even more time to learn to forgive myself.

But forgiveness does not need to take that long.  I found someone who taught me how and it forever changed my life.  That is why I started teaching it myself.

This retreat is offered from my heart to yours. It was developed from my own personal journey to forgiveness and healing, and from walking this path with thousands of others over the years, both in groups and privately.  The further I let go into my own journey of forgiveness, the deeper I could help others go.  Watching them finally come to forgiveness and heal has been transformative for me.  It has brought me more joy, fulfillment and gratitude than there are words to express.

I hope you join me.  I would love to walk this path with you.

With love,

So please join me
on Sunday, November 5, 2023
for the first online Power of Forgiving Retreat.

We’ll meet on Zoom from 10am through 6pm Eastern Standard Time (New York time) with time for lunch and plenty of breaks in between.  Exclusively for this first retreat, we are charging a reduced fee of $149.00   $97.00 US

Are you ready to forgive, heal and
move forward freshly in your life?…..

If you still have any questions, please contact me to schedule a free, no pressure call with me to gain clarity. Together we’ll see if this retreat is right for you.

Risk-Free Guarantee:

I want you to feel that you receive value from this retreat and leave with tools to help you with forgiveness and healing. I want you to move forward with the possibility of letting go of what you’ve been holding onto and stepping freshly forward in freedom in your life. If, after attending the event, you are not happy that I supported you to the fullest, I’ll refund you the entire retreat price.

I commit to be totally present with you, to combine all the tools I have to help you achieve your goals: to walk beside you while you forgive and heal.

I desire to inspire and empower you to live in a place of freedom from the weight of the past that you carry into the now… freedom from old anger, bitterness and resentment: So to be able to live in a place of potential, choice, clarity and joy..

I intend always to create a loving, safe and welcoming space for you to remember the truth of who you are… beyond the illusion of this human experience.