The Power of Forgiving

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The Power of Forgiving
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Vicki’s heartfelt presentations are profound and genuinely transformative. Her authenticity, emotional exposure and self-effacing sense of humor make her topics come alive in an engaging and enjoyable way. Her insights are profound and wise, her approach radically healing yet completely practical. Vicki teaches work born from her direct experiences of life: she has found life-healing answers to the problems and deep pains most of us wrestle with, and she gives us the tools to clear those issues and move on in ease and peace.

I highly recommend working with her.

Kevin Billett – CEO The Journey

With keen perception, fluidity and the gift of staying open and skillfully guiding, Victoria is exceptional in how she creates an atmosphere of safety that’s necessary for true healing to occur. And she has a gift for simultaneously cultivating freedom while holding your feet to the fire when needed for a break through. Through all the years we’ve worked together, she’s continued learning and exploring what creates an environment for lasting change, and has become an excellent facilitator of the forgiveness process along the way.

I highly recommend Victoria if you want to discover, for yourself, the extraordinary healing power of forgiveness.

Candice Sinai

Victoria, again thank you for the wisdom you’ve shared. I’ve thought about the need to forgive others but I never considered the need to forgive myself. My expectations for self have always been for perfection and I often have found myself disappointed in myself when I miss the mark. Since your beautiful session I’ve been looking in the mirror, as you suggested, and seeing the goodness in me. We like what we’re seeing. Shana Tova.

Ellen Sabety

Victoria, your session was uplifting and genuine. I learned about the levels that comprise our emotions and how important it is to feel rather than dismiss what is underneath the surface. You are wonderful. Thank you!

Maxine Kamin

Since I launched my journey with Vicki just a few months ago…my overall emotional health and well-being have drastically improved! Ms Lichtman helped me get to the root cause of many of my behavioral + self-defeating patterns. I learned not to suppress my emotions and how to navigate then effectively. To be gentle with them, actually embracing them. I now feel much more liberated! I feel ready to explore my full potential. I highly recommend Vicki Lichtman for your personal journey.

“Chief” Harold Peck Jr ~ Palm Beach county, FL

Vicki created a powerful setting for me to take enormous leaps in my life path. She is an accomplished interviewer, presenter and an extraordinary coach. Her willingness to expose her own vulnerability gave me permission to turn and look at the invisible barriers that were keeping me small. Her way of working is so open and flowing and non-attached that I am utterly convinced that it is the model of the future! Truly, she is gifted.

Lesley Strutt, PhD

Vicki is an amazingly dedicated, authentic, loving and completely present human being. Her vision for being of service to others and her willingness to learn and continually expand her own being make her stand out as a very bright light for me.

Tomma Von Haeften

Vicki is a leading edge thinker with a vision of sharing what she knows as widely as she can. Her aim is to empower as many as would like to take charge of their own wellness. I know that what she offers is what works because after receiving a Doctorate degree in psychology, these skills were not taught and that is why the regular conventional treatments of “drugs and talk therapy” just do not cut it. They may keep a person in place but what Vicki is about is moving people into the joyful loving beings that they were born to be. Great work Vicki and thank you for all that you do.

Joanie McMahon ~ Psychologist and Journey work therapist

Victoria, You have blessed my life and countless, countless others. Your work is that of a higher purpose and you are certainly earning your wings. I wish all the blessings you sent out to the world to come back to you in rainbows of color. Thank you, sweet angel.

Claudette P

Vicki, you totally ROCKED this weekend presenting. The ease, grace, and presence that you had was contagious. I found it easy to be authentic in the embrace of love, compassion, and fun that you filled the room with. And you knocked it out of the park! Thank you for being you. XO

Suzanne Mincek Brousseau

Vicki, What a wonderful program and an amazing experience this past weekend! You are such an awesome presenter who really brings the material to life, putting heart and soul into it full-on.

Deborah Salz

Vicki is a true leader in every sense of the word. She had a dream and vision for Nightly Healing and stepped into her power, while remaining loyal to Truth. She pours her heart and soul into all she does. What I especially love about Vicki is that she aspires to see others succeed. She truly wants the best for whoever is blessed to know her. I am one of those people blessed to know Vicki; she inspires me and I look forward to all she is yet to create for the world.”

Caly Lehrer ~ Spiritual Guardian for Animal Wellness

Vicki, I just want to tell you how much you are loved and appreciated. (by me) I have never in my life accepted myself. All of myself. All of it. But hearing you tell me that you honor and accept me, all of me, the good and the otherwise has been an invitation for me to open to myself. I would never have even considered accepting myself before nightly healing came into my life. And I thank you Vicki. Very much.

All love and light to you.”

Shannon O

I am a single parent, with a daughter in college, and I NEED to heal my mind and body to support us and keep our house. Many doctors have not been able to discover why I’ve had to walk with a walker for over 1 year due to balance issues. I believe the problem is with my ears but doctors haven’t been able to help. My workplace is unhappy about my situation. “I LOVE thinking that my body knows how to heal itself”. I KNOW I CAN HEAL MYSELF and pass your love and generosity on to others in need. I KNOW my health has improved since listening to your nightlhealing calls. Before your calls I was ONLY walking with a walker. Since listening to the nightly healing I am using a cane. You are an angel to do these healings for others. You must have a heart of gold to be willing to help so many people you do not know. God Bless You for your time and passion to help others heal themselves. I’m visualizing you surrounded with white, healing light. You are making a difference in this world.

In Love and Light,

Ellen in Idaho

Vicki’s dedication to helping people spiritually, emotionally and physically is profound, and her program Nightly Healing is unique and far reaching worldwide. I’d highly recommend her personally and professionally.

Susan Eisner ~ MPH, CASAC President, Visionary Health Solutions

Vicky was on it and there at slightest hitch. Then she opened her heart in front of all of us and I followed her opening and it made me let everything go while watching her honesty. It made me learn I guard myself and to stop. She practices all she preaches and that showed her love of this process. It allowed me to release finally, I’ve had years and years of therapy but a therapist who still does the therapy is someone to feel safe with!!

Rabbi Marc Labowitz ~

Vicki, this forgiveness workshop has been for me, so deeply soothing and profound. You gave over such beautiful information and awarenesses with sensitivity and openness. As a Torah Observant Jewish woman, it has deepened my connection with Hashem, myself and my family, in living life fully and in truth. thank you!!


The workshop on Forgiveness was beautiful. We all need to clear up the gooky places in our heart, that harbor resentment, to feel cleaner and purer.

Vicki is such a gentle soul.

Miriam Baer ~ Spring Valley, NY

Vicki is a beautiful spirit with an amazingly large heart. Through her deep wish for humanity to be free she has poured her heart and soul into the creation of Nightly Healing…a service and a gift of love for those who wish to leave behind pain and suffering. Vicki’s generosity of spirit extends beyond this service and is evident through the support that she gives in to her business relationships and through her support of other initiatives sharing the goal of making a better world.

Samantha Koshare Eduoardes ~ Founder, Ocean Story

Vicki, you were compassionate and amazing and rawly authentic and loving! It was a fantastic weekend! You are a terrific presenter! Lots of love and thanks.

Karen Kiemnec

Dearest Vicki, Today you gave me the biggest gift in my life, more than any money can buy in this world. Today is the day I forgave and accepted my neshama for the first time in my 40 years living on this earth. Accepting my neshama has brought me to a place to be in oneness with Hashem which ultimately brings me to live a life true to Hashem. I can now embrace my neshama and allow my true beautiful light-essence to shine. This allows all my blocks to fall away which I have been struggling for most of my life. I believe it has opened me up to trust, connection, joy, happiness, love, intuition, strength, health, relationships, forgiveness, acceptance, confidence, finances, values, beliefs and much more…. Vicki, no words will be enough to express my deep gratitude and appreciation I have for you for bringing me to this place.